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June 2016

Visiting Copenhagen for FENS?

We are very much looking forward to the FENS forum in Copenhagen – starting Sunday 2nd May and running through to Wednesday the 5th. We will be located just inside the poster rooms, booth 117. Come and find out how we can help with laser Doppler systems for stroke modelling, laser speckle imaging for cortical spreading depression and tissue oxygen monitoring with the new moorVMS-NIRS designed for real time through skull measurements in humans. Hopefully you will have time to look ar ...

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Distributor of the year, shared award, SDR Scientific and Zero C Seven

We are delighted to announce that there are two shared winners of our Distributor of the Year 2016/17 this year. Both have been selected for offering customer service that is second to none (something we strive for) and for delivering epic sales for us in difficult economic conditions. The winners are; (For the second year in a row) Sydney based SDR Scientific, supporting customers in Australia and New Zealand and Zero C Seven, based in Tokyo and covering all of Japan. We are ...

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FASEB round up and the view from 11KM up

Thanks to all concerned for making the trip to San Diego for FASEB such a pleasure. It was great to see so many existing and new customers and to show off the new moorVMS-NIRS deep tissue oxygenation monitor to a US audience for the first time. The London to San Diego flight was also notable – fantastic views down below of Greenland, Baffin Island and the sea ice in the Davies Straight – an arm of the Labrador sea separating Canada from Greenland. So pictures of that, ...

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